How to style an edric linen jacket

How to style an edric linen jacket

The warm fall days are not over yet. Although we are entering November, the temperatures during the day are suitable for light fall outfit. Fall is the season when you can combine and wear light colors and still be warm. Looking stylish in fall is easy due to the fact that jackets and trench coats are the typical fall outerwear. Achieving a perfect fall outfit with a jacket is so easy, and we have a suggestion how to look smart and elegant at the same time.

Is Linen for fall?

Linen is considered to be as the most comfortable and suitable fabric for summer, but it is not limited only to that season though. Linen jackets and coats are also very popular fall choice for the ladies who want to look smart-casual and elegant. The linen jackets are suitable for business occasions, as a day wear on a sunny day or as a main clothing garment to a night wear. Combined and paired with different types of clothing, the lining jacket will always be in the center of your outfit. For completely clean and new look pick the Loro Piana’s Edric jacket.

How to wear edric linen jacket?

Every and each piece of clothing will be more accented and beautiful if it is worn and paired appropriately. When it comes to jackets, both short and long, they are usually worn over a shirt because they represent a business look. The Loro Piana’s Edric jacket is beautiful as a garment, and it is very important to pair it accordingly so that you can get maximum out of the whole look, leave impression, be trendy and fancy while feeling comfortable too.

The jacket

The Loro Piana’s Edric jacket is the perfect choice for the fall season. Its rich brown color provides many options for styling and pairing, because this is the color that is both business and casual approved. The length of the jacket allows you to wear it separately as a coat, or as a blazer, all day long. The detachable waist belt gives the elegancy you need, keeps you wrapped and is a stylish accessory too.

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