How to Style a Classic Long Coat

How to Style a Classic Long Coat

A classically designed woollen coat is a must-have for all wardrobes. There are many occasions when you need to bring a sense of decorum and sophistication to an event. This gorgeous Isabel Marant Lawson virgin wool coat offering is no exception, demure in black with a double-breasted button detail that flares from the waist. Without a doubt, this stunning coat offers versatility and can be teamed with a wide range of looks and accessories for any occasion. We have sculpted a classic but upbeat look to complement this stunning dress coat.

Compliment with Softer Lines

When choosing the perfect outfit for this coat, it is important to consider the lines; the Wilny pleated crêpe skirt from Isabel Marant is ideal as this soft crepe fabric has a gentle feminine fall, which will be seen under the coat due to the perfect mid-length. The sculpted hem creates an eye-catching movement when you walk, drawing the eye to the floating fabric. The gorgeous, striking flower pattern adds a dramatic splash of colour without dominating the look, offering an on-point autumnal look.

Matching the Look for Pure Style

Once you have dressed the bottom, you need to compliment with a top. Because the feature skirt offers such a bold and confident pattern, you will either need a plain colour to accent the top or as in the case of the feature top, a perfect match for a uniformed look. With the same seasonal print, the Willis floral-printed pleated top from Isabel Marant has been accented with black feature ruffle and trim. A classic round neck keeps this look demure and understated while creating the maximum look at me statement. The soft fall of the top will sit correctly under the coat if you are going for the unbuttoned look, and will catch the eye if you are taking your jacket off.

Must-Have Bags

Every outfit needs the perfect bag, and this stunning Large Nile leather bracelet crossbody bag from Chloe is no exception and offers the ultimate finish to your sculpted and classic look. This is a cross body bag, but the overstated and oversize handle makes for the perfect carrying position, either held in hand or looped over the wrist. Gorgeous and stunning this brown calf leather bag oozes style and is ideal for carrying any incidentals you need to have with you.

These Boots Were Made For Walking

When it comes to what you wear on your feet, there are so many possibilities you could tie yourself in knots, but we suggest some stunning over-the-knee boots just like these Lostynn calf-hair boots from Isabel Marant. The cooler tone of the paler brown calf hair boots perfectly emulates the runway looks for an outfit that is sure to get you notice. Featuring a cone-shaped heel, you will also be able to walk with class rather than stumble like Bambi as you strike a stunning picture.

Makeup and Hair

A tousled hair up look would work well with this look, as the top and skirt offer that ultra feminine chic it would be entirely complemented with a few stray curls tumbling over the collar. Make can be soft, but a striking red lipstick would create a perfect harmony with the patterned fabric.