How to Style a Silk Bomber Jacket for Autumn

How to Style a Silk Bomber Jacket for Autumn

As a professional businesswoman, your lifestyle is probably pretty hectic—especially in the mornings. Whether you like to be the first to the office, want to beat the morning rush, or have to take the kids to school before work—these autumn mornings can be pretty cold. So what do you wear to stay warm on these crisp mornings, yet stylish enough for the office? The answer is a silk bomber jacket, and this is why…

Why a silk jacket?

While there’s a multitude of jackets in various fabrics available out there, a silk jacket is ideal for autumn. Silk has natural thermo-regulating properties, and these enable it to stay cool in warmer weather, yet toasty in colder weather. What’s more, silk is hypoallergic and breathable, so it’s comfortable against your skin and can be worn over sleeveless dresses without causing irritation.

This makes silk brilliant for this time of year, and makes the silk bomber jacket particularly versatile. So you’re sold on the benefits of silk, but how to do you style a silk bomber jacket to create a fashionable businesswoman outfit? These styling tips will show you how to wear a silk jacket and be on trend for the office.

How do I wear a silk bomber jacket?

Fall/Winter 2016 saw the rise of the silk bomber jacket, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. If you’ve scrolled through Pinterest recently, you’ve no doubt seen dozens of beautiful silk bomber jacket outfits, but how do you turn this trend into luxury, trendy business attire?

The trick to wearing a silk jacket to the office is making it the centre-piece of your outfit. Choose a statement silk bomber jacket and tone down the other aspects of your outfit—a simple midi dress, an unfussy clutch or shoulder bag, and sophisticated heels.

Styling suggestions for silk jackets

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