Fashion East Spring-Summer 2018

Fashion East Spring-Summer 2018

There are more and more young designers that are entering the fashion world, not driven by the state of the world and politics, but only by individual talent. This is the case of Lulu Kennedy, the head of the not-for-profit Fashion East organization, who currently has 3 young designers under her wing. Chosen for their talent and ability to represent and celebrate the diversity of their multicultural and open London, Supriya Lele, Asai, and Matty Bovan are the stars of the organization’s upcoming SS2018 line. Lele took a cross-cultural approach into creating designs, when she mixed her British identity to her Indian heritage. She graduated at Royal College of Art and worked into combining the Indian tradition to the current modernity. Looking at her designs, you can see the family history, the link to her heritage, but in a clean and modern way.

It was presented into the check prints for the Indian sweat cloth. The fits were adaptations from saris. The cuts were inspired by a pink nightdress, recently bought from a trip there. The idea of mixing and re-interpretation was present into the jewelry too, with chandelier earrings, chain belts and bracelets. A Sai Tai, founder of Asai, made the similar connection to her Chinese origin. She took a modern approach to the stereotypes of her culture where she recreated the motifs of her culture based on western style. The opening look was a silk opera coat, with a print of bamboo, paired with a tight-high boots with Chinese prints. The London style was incorporated in skirt and trench coat with Burberry prints and strapped dress with tights.

Some other great pieces were a sharp blue shirt made like a minidress, with buttons, paired with high boots with motifs of blue Chinese vases. She made the fashion friendly, with a modern touch. The last to present and to close the show was Matty Bovan with this being his third season of showing. The collection featured his signature knitwear, handbags in collaboration with Coach, sunglasses in collaboration with Linda Farrow, and his own T-shirts and water bottles. His designs are hand-made and not subject to commercial expansion because of his idea to create in eccentricity and individuality, and amazing ability to self-express. The collection showed a top of knitted panels that were combined with yellow nylon cargo pants and pockets, shorts with logos with street inspired and colorful motifs.


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