Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2018

Stella McCartney Spring-Summer 2018

Known for the strong message that she sent with her fall collection about the optimism and women’s empowerment, the newest collection for the upcoming Stella McCartney spring 2018 is nothing less powerful. This time, the focus is centered towards the volume on her signature style designs. The British style and classic tailoring were enough of motivation for the designer to find many wardrobe suggestions and explore the new ideas in a joyful way. The venue where the show was held was Opera Garnier and it was more than adequate for the message of the collection. She made a mixture and fusion of sportswear and eveningwear in a tech-looking taffeta long skirts and denim and cotton tops. It was all fancy – something not so regularly present at this house.

Lacking an eveningwear pieces through the years, Stella McCartney explained that that certain lack was supplemented by the attitude by the person who wears her clothes, despite the time of the day. The formal pieces containing cold shoulder, ruffles and the full skirts were in the daywear part, while the denim, trousers and bombers were in the evening part. The glamour in its original meaning has never been her focus on designing, nor the house’s, but adding some details overturn the pieces into completely different look. The truest example is one glitter jumpsuit. The collection was vibrant, with big proportion of the designs but with spirit too. It may seem a bit frightening to some women to wear largely oversized jean jacket with peplum skirt in hot pink, but it was an eye-catching piece.

There were lots of bold pieces like acid green onesie, blue jacket with big pockets, pink skirt, green jeans, dresses in African patterns with an electric fan and microphone motif. For the evening glam, a winner was a one-shoulder red sack dress with ruffles. Another piece of the evening part was a so called “debutante” dress with puffed sleeves. The tailoring was another part that was appealing and looked timeless. The theme of this season’s collection was the constant tension between the drama and the nonchalance, presented through the change of daywear and eveningwear. Often criticized for not being ambitious enough, with this collection McCartney showed that complex simplicity on the runway is one thing, but completely other in real life. These are the pieces that are trending and sell momentarily, which shows the sophistication she owns to work and design in different times and for different needs.