How to style a wool jacket

How to style a wool jacket

As autumn is upon us, it’s that time of year when the mornings are chilly on your way to the office, but by midday, it’s warm enough for a lunchtime stroll, and by close of business, you’re bathed in glorious sunlight. When you’re a professional businesswoman looking for an outfit suitable for early mornings and sunny afternoons, the question is inevitably what do you wear to the office?

The answer is simple: a wool jacket.

Why wool?

Why wool you might ask? Wool is the perfect luxury item for fall fashion, as this intelligent natural fabric keeps you warm when it’s chilly and cool when it’s warm, due to the fabric’s breathability. This is particularly the case for 100% wool products and certain types of wool such as merino.

How do I wear a wool jacket?

So, how do you wear a wool jacket to maintain the perfect temperature balance in autumn?

Firstly, choose a wool jacket that isn’t too heavy or long. Short styles are great for autumn, as they keep your mid-section warm without making you overly toasty. Ideally, look for a jacket that can be worn open when it’s warmer, as well as fastened for chilly mornings.

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