Antonio Berardi Spring-Summer 2018

Antonio Berardi Spring-Summer 2018

Another designer who found his inspiration for creating the new spring line in his family, is Antonio Berardi. His parents were poor, living in Sicily, and moved to Britain in search for job. As the times were hard, and Antonio was born, they went for working the Italian job – selling gelato. Before moving out of Sicily, Berardi explained that his parents did not have clothes and those were sent to them by relatives in America. Then, the Berardi family would remade them, adding embroidery and they will look as new and luxurious. So, the collection was looking back at that time. The best interpretation of that idea was the Prince of Wales checked tailoring, with curved panels of khaki and white jersey and pink jacquard. The colors changed between olive, pink, black and white.

The jackets were with and without sleeves, paired with miniskirts and cropped pants. One hemmed dress was in metallic floral brocade, with scarlet silk by the edges and was under a double-breasted jacket, again with scarlet details. Exquisite! The dresses that came into cotton and linen were checked in blue and red and had a resemblance of an Italian restaurant table cloth. All this handwork was presented into the evening gowns too. They came in white and red and were in lace. The beauty of the gowns itself, as the designer explained, was in their delicacy and who ever wears them. The other dresses, like the gingham ones, were checked, with skirts multilayering and paired with Victorian boots.

The black part of the collection was presented into broderie anglaise, silk sheer dresses with cutaways, and jackets similar to the previously mentioned ones, but in black sheer material and with shoulders. Berardi’s tailoring in this collection was shown mostly into patches of different fabrics – a true interpretation of how the immigrant’s parent redesigned the clothes they had. Everything looked luxurious and lavished, even though it was made from simple fabrics. The designs had both masculine and feminine elements. The patterns on the models hands were a reference of designer’s mother who wore them because she wanted to look as best as possible. All the complex pieces of the collection, combined in an interesting lineup, were telling his personal story.


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