Jacquemus Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Jacquemus Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

The first person in everyone’s life, the biggest influencer, idol and inspiration is their mother. The young designer Simon Porte Jacquemus moved in other direction in his creative process when he left his sculpturing and designed a collection that was based on his mother. More specifically – his mother’s fabulous and glamorous beach style. The collection was named Jacquemus, the maiden named of his mother. What was most inspiring for him was her element of style, the way she looked at the evenings on the beach. That beach glamour defined the whole collection. After the show, he explained the feeling that he had after a long day at work and wanting to walk down to the beach to relax. This was the feeling that he wanted to express through his designs, everyone to feel it.

The show was held in the Picasso Museum, place that has never been used for fashion events, with an explanation that these clothes are suitable for the street too. He designed for a specific climate where less is more. The idea that dressing down is literally dressing up, is followed by many designers, but Jacquemus kept the attitude of both cool and hot. The designer went away from his already proved appealing and sweet tailoring. The garments and outfits he presented were chic. Here came shirtdresses with twist front, both short and long, sarongs reformed in dresses and separates.

The pieces brought the nostalgia and charmed the audience. All of his pieces were soft, with asymmetric shapes, turned into tulip skirts. The tops were mainly plunging, with skinny straps. The influence of the South of France, where the designer spent his childhood, was more than enough to feel the beachy resonance of the collection. This style requires certain accessories and while remembering his mother wearing ceramic earrings, he put the earrings of different shapes to dangle on the models. They are expected to be a huge hit next season. The shoes were amazing too – one squared the other circular. And the most astonishing was the giant, glamorous sun hat. Everything was sunny, French, young, beautiful – all done only from the inspiration by his mother.


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