Dries Van Noten Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Dries Van Noten Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Most of the designers who are long and well established on the fashion scene are real indicators of how the fashion changed over the years. Different times brought different influences in fashion and designers had to frame their fashion accordingly, if they wanted to succeed. In times of huge political changes, terrorism and movements for female rights Dries Van Noten decided that it was time to do something more optimistic and enjoy the fashion. As he explained, each and every woman should be able to see a purple-and-silver boots with block-heel and fall in love with them. If the fashion was a reflection of what is happening in the world, his newest collection is an escapism of all that. The lineup was optimistic and exquisite. Prints remained to be the defining character of the collection.

It started with one of Picasso’s painting references of a collage of found materials like wallpapers and motifs. Those were intriguing moments for Van Noten and he went for different elements instead of specific prints. The first look of the collection was a slipdress under transparent veiling with dangling “diamonds”. Then came a plain coat in a mannish style that was worn closed. There was only a hint of vibrant scarf under the hem. Next was a bejeweled short jacket worn over a shirt. The next look was a scarf turned into camisole, paired with jeans and sheer shirt, following a sweater falling off a shoulder and a mini scarf with prints. The other part of the collection brought the motifs into euphoria of colors and patterns.

It started with a brown and beige printed shirt worn under a trench and lavender damask skirt. Next was a baseball jacket with big flower details, gold sleeves, cotton printed skirt and matching boots. Another great piece was dress with cloud-print and windowpane sleeves. To calm down the overexposure and the mix of prints, Van Noten proceeded with long dress in pale peach over pink. The collection would not have been complete without shirtdresses, tailoring, knits, robes, eveningwear and everything that his loyal customers are expecting. The looks were accessorized with vintage crystal earrings, silver shadow and glittery lip. This collection was all that women need.


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