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Alice+Olivia Spring 2018 Ready to Wear - Jinnie Femme

Alice+Olivia Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Alice+Olivia Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Inspiration for designing and a venue when the fashion show is held often go hand in hand. And that is the example with Stacey Bendet, the designer of Alice+Olivia. Diving into the history behind the famous Chelsea Hotel in New York, Bendet asked for few young artists for help out. Her idea was to recreate the hotel version into a space for female contemporary artists dedicated for pushing creative barriers. The whole presentation was set through several rooms, and each of the artists who worked with her had a task. The idea was to interpret assigned spaces into their work style, which resulted in prints for this season collection. Every artist worked in a separate room and presented different visions. The “lobby” had floral dresses and bohemian patchwork. The blossoming prints were the most recognisable ones, on a ruffled dress that originally came from the Schnabel’s painting.

The collection has different pieces and accessories: little clutches, pajama sets with palm prints, fancy gowns with sequins and party dresses and many more. With the idea of bringing together 8 different visions, Bendet managed to pull off what she had in mind in first place: cohesive thread. The collection was full of prints, colors, florals, and drawings. Everything was bold, saturated, neon. It was truly a spring collection, with all fundamentals to the season. Some of the already existing fashion trends were kept, like the slogans and logos on t-shirts. It was in coordination with a hallway with walls painted with word Feminist and models dressed in white.

In the accessories department, the models were wearing pointy high heels with ankle straps, in bold colors as the collection pieces, high-heeled sandals, even over-knee-boots with a matching pattern as one mini sleeveless dress. Aside for the florals and soft pastels, the romantic side of the collection was shown through the black chokers. That mix shows a girl who is arty and romantic but still edgy. As all Alice+Olivia fashion shows are crowded and bring attention, this one was no exception. With the hippie style vision, the spring collection was cute and successful. The show took the quests on a journey that where art and fashion blend in.