5 Lipsticks We Love For Cooler Complexions

5 Lipsticks We Love For Cooler Complexions

If you’re a woman who has a cooler complexion, you may have found yourself stumped as to which lipstick shades work best with your skintone. After all, a lot of today’s lipsticks are marketed using those who are a little more tanned and it can be hard to tell whether a specific colour will suit you. Luckily, with so many lipsticks on sale, no women is excluded and there are a tonne of fabulous shades and colours for you to choose from. In fact, once you know what type of lipstick colours and shades work best for a cooler complexion, you’ll probably find yourself spoilt for choice.

Top Lipsticks For Cooler Complexions

To make your lipstick purchasing a little easier, we’ve narrowed down our favourites. The lipsticks below will all look fabulous if you have a slightly cooler complexion and there’s something for everyone; there’s an understated nude shade, a bright and bold shade and a few that are in between. So, whatever the occasion and whatever your mood, you’ll be able to rock the perfect lipstick.

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