Getting in on the meal prepping trend? A food blogger shares her secrets

Want to get in on the meal prepping trend - One food blogger shares her secrets

If you’re keen on working on your fitness regime, you’ll also know that your nutrition is essential for helping you to achieve great results. When you’re cooking delicious, healthy meals as part of your diet, it can quickly become a bit of a chore. One way to beat this boredom and save you time is to meal prep. Meal prepping is becoming quite popular at the moment, especially if you’re a businesswoman, since it can help you manage your time better; it is important to know how to do it effectively so your diet is as good as it can be. Our food blogger talks you through how to do it.

Think About Your Goals

Before you rush out to buy lots of tupperware, you need to consider your goals and what you want to achieve. You need to pick the appropriate amount of macros for your goals, especially protein.

To calculate your macros you need to do a basic formula according to your height, age and weight and activity level. There are many great websites which can calculate this for you, such as this one:

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