How to style a tweed jacket

How To Style A Tweed Jacket

When it comes to tweed jackets, many women think of fashion items that just aren’t for them. Often associated with the countryside and the great outdoors, a lot of women assume that there aren’t stylish and fun ways to style a tweed jacket. We’re here to tell you that this isn’t the case.

Tweed jackets can be styled to be casual, formal or somewhere in between. This means that investing in a great tweed jacket always pays off; not only do you get a lot of use out of it, but it’s a style of clothing that’s always on trend. With their classic appearance and flattering cuts, tweed jackets can be worn by anyone and at any time.

What To Wear With A Tweed Jacket

How you style a tweed jacket will depend on where you’re going and the look you want to achieve – for example, you may want to dress it up into an evening jacket or dress it down into something more casual – but our favourite way is somewhere in between.

The Isabel Marant Fania Tweed Jacket is a beautiful tweed jacket that incorporates every element you’d expect in this style of jacket, but with a little bit of a modern twist. Rather than appearing dated or plain, the Isabel Marant Fania Tweed Jacket is stylish and on trend. So, how do you style it?

Isabel Marant Ria Cotton Shirt – This Isabel Marant Ria Cotton Shirt is one of our favourite items for teaming with a fabulous tweed jacket. Though plain, this cotton shirt creates the perfect backdrop for a detailed and well-designed jacket. As well as being plain, the cotton shirt is extremely comfortable and therefore works well if you’re wanting an outfit that will take you from daytime to nighttime.

Isabel Marant Mateo Cropped Trousers – Plain black trousers don’t need to be boring, as shown by these stylish Isabel Marant Mateo Cropped Trousers. With their shimmering cotton fabric and modern cropped style, these trousers offer a little bit of interest and intrigue.

Faye Small Leather and Suede Shoulder Bag – This shoulder bag from Chloé looks great with the tweed jacket. The leather and suede combination gives it a classy and elegant feel, with a great deal of texture. This bag is perfect if you’re wanting to style the tweed jacket for an evening event.

Isabel Marant Luliana Glitter Ankle Boots – What’s a great outfit without a statement pair of shoes? These Isabel Marant Luliana Glitter Ankle Boots are perfect for grabbing attention and adding a little sparkle to your tweed jacket outfit. Plus, as they are made well and don’t have an extremely high heel, they are also comfortable.

As you can see, there are lots of great pieces that work well with a tweed jacket and so you’ll never find yourself stuck for what to wear. Whether you choose to wear your tweed jacket as a casual item or something a lot more formal, you’re sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.