What are your colours? A beauty expert shares her secrets

What are your colours- A beauty expert shares her secrets

There are so many beautiful colours to choose from in fashion, but to make sure you don’t make wrong kind of fashion statement, it’s important to know what colours suit you. Many of us have lovely colourings that can be enhanced with the right colour of clothes and makeup. Trying to understand and find your colours is hard without the help of an expensive expert…however you’re in luck as we have one of our very own beauty experts explain how to find your colours.

Beautiful As The Seasons

Our colourings can be broken down into the seasons, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. The type of season you are depends on just a couple of things:

  • The colour of your eyes, hair and the undertone of your skin (ashy, golden, cool, warm)
  • The intensity of the colour of your overall colouring

The best way to decide on your colours is to look at your hair, skin, and eyes in natural daylight, whilst wearing no makeup and a neutral coloured top close to your skintone. This will help you to best understand your colouring without being influenced by other colouring factors.

Getting Started!

Firstly, look at your hair colour (natural as possible) and if it’s lighter than medium brown, you will be a Spring or Summer. If your hair is naturally darker than medium brown, you are classed as Winter or Autumn.

You can also look at your skin and hair undertones to see which season you are (remember that this is just a quick summary, it may change below as we go into more detail.)

Those with warm undertones in their hair and skin or with natural red hair can be classed as Spring or Autumn. If your skin has a blue undertone, you can be Summer or Winter.

What are your colours? A beauty expert shares her secrets


Has clear, light and warm undertones. You may find that your cheeks have a peach hue when blushing and you have light skin with warm undertones. Your hair can vary from light blond to medium brown, or strawberry blond with gold or red undertones. Your eyes can vary from light, clear blue to hazel and light brown.

Colours which suit Spring: brighter pastels, turquoise, purple, light pinks and light grey.


Those with Summer colouring will have skin with cool undertones, and cheeks may turn a light rose colour when blushing. Hair can vary from light blond to medium brown which tend towards cooler, ashy tones. People with Summer colouring will will have eyes that trend towards neutral blues, including grey and grey-brown.

Colours which suit Summer: Pastel shades including pink, blue, lemon and lilac.


Those with Autumn colouring will have skin with warm, gold undertones and rich colouring and low contrast in hair and eye colour, so trending towards dark hair, darker skin tones and darker eye colours. Hair colours can vary from very deep red to medium brown to black with golden or red undertones. Eye colours will vary from hazel, olive green to black brown.

Colours which suit Autumn: Olive greens, khaki greens, deep brown, muted reds, autumnal shades.


Winter tends to lean towards cool or olive undertones with a contrast between skin, hair and eye colour. Hair can be ashy mid brown, dark brown or deep black with cooler undertones. Eyes can be contrasted with clear blue, green or black-brown, or grey blue.

Colours which suit Winter: plums, dark olive, light blue, hot pinks and blush pinks.

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