Retro Beauty

Retro Beauty

The old things do not necessarily mean they are old and ugly. In the past few years, there is a great come back and appreciation of various old stuff and trends. The vintage trends are making a comeback into the makeup industry. They were firstly spotted on the red carpets, alongside with the vintage hairstyles. The celebrities accepted these trends with open hands and approval. When it comes to the hairstyles and makeup, here are some of the celebrities that tried them out and soon became their signature looks.

Amal Clooney

Amal Clooney’s first public appearance since giving birth to her twins was with this the good old Hollywood wave’s hair style. This became the most requested red carpet look and it is not something new. Many famous faces go for this look because it has a certain grace in it. It is elegant, sexy, classic, occasion appropriate and suits almost everyone. Alongside her lavender gown, she truly looked as she has come out directly from the past. Her makeup was natural, with accented lashes and natural lip.

Lily Collins

Another modern day goddess, who loves mixing the modern dresses with the vintage hairdos and make-up, is Lily Collins. When it comes to the red carpet looks, she has always presented a strong game. The soft waves are perfectly framing her face, and to add to the style, she goes with the dark vamp lip and bold brows.

Scarlett Johansson

Her full lips are her signature mark. However, she always turned heads with shoulder-length retro waves. No matter the hair color, this is her go to style for every occasion. With her big blue eyes, she presents this classic look in the most beautiful way.

Taylor Swift

When she first appeared in the showbiz, Taylor was all cowboy style. But in almost no time, she transformed into modern Ava Gardner. Short, blonde, curly hairstyle with mascaraed eyelashes and bold red lipstick became Taylor’s glamour look.

Jennifer Lopez

The singer and actress had experimented with her style since forever. She can easily transform and change looks, but the most soft and calm one is the vintage locks and dark red lips. Her skintone is perfect for this combination, and the elegance it brings is priceless.

Emma Stone, Christina Hendrinks, Charlize Theron are just some of the names nurturing the vintage beauty styles. The list is long and gets longer with every new red carpet or world known event.