Mary Katrantzou Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Mary Katrantzou Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

The pastimes, the childhood times – someone would say that those are the most memorable ones. Times when you don’t have a worry on your mind except if all your toys are there and in number. These happy times were Mary Katrantzou’s inspiration for the spring 2018 collection. The Crayolas were her color inspiration and the Lego’s were her prints inspiration. To add to this time, the music for the show was from the ‘80s. The designer chose playful and colorful approach, something totally opposite of this world and times we are living in now. The happy childhood she had back in the ‘80s in Athens was more than enough to inspire her to create truly warm collection. From the moment she became a designer, everyday object were her starting point for color, print and embroidery.

The presentation of the new line began with several bubble dresses, made of shiny nylon. The skirts of the dresses looked like a hot air balloons, turned upside-down. The tops where with puff sleeves and suggested that the trend is continuing strong next season too. The prints were mainly stripes and florals, oversized and colorful. If you remember the friendship bracelets, then you can easily spot them stretched into cute cocktail dresses and silk skirts with fringe. Being known for intensive pattern, Katrantzou stem with iron her childhood craft: Hama Beads. The texture then was transferred onto athletic dresses and wrap jackets.

The finale was consisted of dresses with big flower prints, one retro Balenciaga gown from the ‘50s and nylon rainwear. This is one happy collection, focusing on the colors, transferring them on the garments which at the same time bring you back in time and also make you trendy now. Mixing colors and patterns has never been more fun and interesting. Feeling ready to reinvent some things from when she was a child gave her a new perspective now, as an adult. As she explained after the show, whatever we used to do as kids now results into a final product – your creativity and personality. And for that she is much appreciated and worth. Many celebrities wear her design on the red carpet which is the biggest advertisement you can ever get.


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