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Victoria Beckham Spring 2018 Ready to Wear - Jinnie Femme

Victoria Beckham Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Victoria Beckham Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

The newest collection Victoria Beckham designed for spring 2018 showed the influence and the change the designer has over gone through the years. She has always designed for the women, and the clothes she designed she usually used to wear them. No better way to show off you skills and talent right? Well the times have changed. And as her taste remained the same, she decided it is time to turn to the other women and start creating more wearable clothes. This collection was something between feminine and minimal, with soft colors which appear to be a key trend for the spring season. One is sure – good shopping at her house is guaranteed. The color palette was soft, with mineral blue, pink and lavender, and to heat things up, vivid red.

Revolving around the idea that delicacy can be strong as well as the femininity itself, her collection was something different from the well-known hourglass dresses and stilettos. The show started with a creamy yellow check shirt, tucked into a rose pencil skirts and lilac leather pumps. Every shirt was carefully paired with a light pencil skirt. The oversized ones were paired with wide-leg pants. This season, the suits are coming in the form of boxy blazers and slim pants. Next season, the pajama sets are elevating into floral jacquard sets. As mentioned above, the red color appeared on a dress with high neckline and it had relaxed but seductive line.

It was obvious that the silhouettes were covered with not much skin showing. However, everything was done in a playful and careful way. The footwear was based on candy-colored glitter pumps, giving girlish look. The fabric used was mostly silk, that goes in line with her delicacy ideas. One of the prints produced a moiré pattern and the other produced stripes, right from a photo print. What came as a surprise for the collection were the riffles of Pierrot collars, silver anklets reminding us of charms and red glittery mules paired with salmon-color pants. This collection is appropriate for both work and day occasions, it is close to the ordinary women with high taste, who appreciate the classic tailoring and are not afraid to wear some color.