How to Style A Printed Metallic Silk Skirt

How to Style A Printed Metallic Silk Skirt

Metallics are one of those fashions that come and go with each season. Metallic can be associated with a punk or futuristic look, however it can be floral and feminine and luxurious. Styling a metallic print skirt or fabric can be difficult, so we’ve put together a feature look with everything you need to style a printed metallic silk skirt.

It’s All About Matching The Colours

With so many options available for printed metallic fabrics, you need to focus on a key colour which ties the whole outfit together. To highlight this we are styling the following skirt with matching outfit and accessories.

The feature skirt from Gucci is made from a lightweight, shimmering mixture of polyester and silk. The bold blue stands out beautifully with red bows for a cute fun day look. The pleated look of the metallic fabric make it a statement piece that needs bold and playful fashion.

Go Bold, Go Frilly

With the skirt we’d recommend going bold, and in current fashion trend, some ruffles and frills. We’ve paired this skirt with this gorgeous detailed knit sweater with lace and leaf knitted details. The burnt umber orange contrasts boldly with the deep blue of the skirt, and is a perfect warm top for chilly aircon offices (as is typical in a business environment!). Even when the sweater is worn under a jacket or coat, the frilled detail at the neck keep it visually engaging.

Cute As An English Garden

When styling any printed material like the metallic skirt, it’s actually good to go bold and work with a contrasting pattern. This stunning jacket is a statement piece on its own and is a worthwhile investment for your wardrobe (think of the endless looks, skinny jeans and heels, smart trousers or a sheath dress).

This jacket is hot on the trend of English Garden which is beautifully depicted by a detailed woven pattern. Similar to the metallic skirt, the background is a dark navy and red roses. The casual cut of the blazer and playful pattern mean it’s perfect for the relaxed look of the overall outfit.

Metal Detail Shoes

When coordinating an outfit like this you don’t want to choose boring black shoes, you want something that’s going to stand out. We love these Dionysus red leather loafers by Gucci! They have a sturdy heel so are perfect for all day shopping or a busy day at the office. The stunning red works perfectly with the metallic skirt and picks out the overall tones of the whole ensemble.

One element that works perfectly are the metal buckles. Almost seeming like metalwork on a English garden, the tiny detail works with the rose buds on the jacket.

Makeup And Hair

For this look which is bold and bright, subtle make up would work beautifully. We recommend nude lipgloss and black eyeliner to balance the features. A smart updo like a french twist or even french plaits for a urban look.