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Carolina Herrera Spring 2018 Ready to Wear - Jinnie Femme

Carolina Herrera Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Carolina Herrera Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Fashion, art and colors go together. This is the best way to characterize Carolina Herrera’s collection for the upcoming spring season. As she stated before her show in the Sculpture Garden in the Museum of Modern art, where this is a first time a fashion show is ever being held, the fashion industry is currently in a confusing period. To succeed in it, you have to believe in your work. The show had a feminine polish, and it very well referred to women’s position in the society. The collection was colorful and dedicated to color, and the place could not have been more appropriate. Colors are part of the fashion and the art and create the beauty in the world. The collection screamed happiness in the colors of Warhol yellow, blue, pink, purple.

The consultations with Wes Gordon who has recently been added as valuable asset to the house, resulted in a lineup that showed two different visions of generations of what glamour is today. The one vision was the dressing in the informal world. Here were presented tailored-wide leg jeans with rainbow buttons and white craw neck; shirtdress with full skirt and stripes, short V-neck dress with ombre sequin stripes. These pieces were fancy and feminine, but still made to refer and keep the house’s signature looks. The other vision presented puffed sleeves, sweetheart necks, big ball skirts and colorful belts. The collection was everything but monochromatic, with big shoulders, tiny waists and movement of the skirts.

The colorful runways were enriched with the multi-tonal shoes who were made in collaboration with Manolo Blahnik. The trademark white shirt was present and combined with checked midi-length skirt. The collection had interesting details like hand-painted rainbow buttons on a light denim dress, perfect for day time. The dress that came next was inspired by the ocean sunset, precisely because of the hues it had on it. It is safe to say that it was on everyone’s Instagram story that day. Same popularity had the chiffon dress with one shoulder and terrazzo floor print. Inspired by color, and not by art, Herrera made a collection that was clean and colorful, designed for the younger generations, such as her daughters, who know what they want.