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Calvin Klein Spring 2018 Ready to Wear - Jinnie Femme

Calvin Klein Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Calvin Klein Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

If you want to be remembered in fashion, you have to think out of the box and provoke. Well, that is exactly what Raff Simons did for Calvin Klein. He went into contrasting the American Dream and the American horror, combining the magic of the both movies. Last season he worked in the direction of creating diner uniforms, cowboy boots and denim. For this season, he went for layering. His inspiration came from the cheerleaders and horror movies. The room where the collection was about to be presented was crowded with people, looking for their seats, all of them stunned by the interior. It was all done by Sterling Ruby and there were silver buckets everywhere. Simons explained that he went into several directions. He wanted this collection to be fun, deep and eerie.

Everything was well thought off – the collaboration with Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Art gave good results. The show was extraordinary, to say the least. The Hollywood horror genre was the moving idea. The Hitchcock reference was most notable in the rubber nightgowns. The silhouettes and materials were perfectly combined. The motifs used in the collection were denim, quilts and Western shirts. The most unexpected material that was ever seen on the runway was the waterproof nylon which is used for tents. The fifties vibe was felt into a red nylon frocks and dresses. Everything was inventive and somehow new. The different approach was felt immediately, which meant that the house is going into a new direction and it is not hiding it.

Only Alexander McQueen previously had a horror inspired collection, nobody else. The pieces were both light and dark at the same time. Everything was a mixture. The footwear was a mixture of shiny cowboy boots and pointy over the ankle boots with strings. The jeans and the nylon were paired together on both jackets and trousers, asymmetrically. The bags were with long frills, made out of nylon too. The models were plain, with undone hairs – looking exactly like they have stepped out of a horror scene. Dark red was the color of the night – the most appropriate one since the theme was “horror”.