Too busy to go to the gym? How to beat the excuses and commit to working out

Too busy to go to the gym - How to beat the excuses and commit to working out

When you’re a professional businesswoman, it can be hard to fit gym time into your busy schedule. Perhaps you’ve joined a gym but find an excuse every day why you can’t go. Or maybe you put off joining the gym until next month or until you have “more time”.

Whether it’s due to your heavy workload, long working hours, family commitments, hobbies, or needing downtime, it can seem like you’re too busy to go to the gym. However, you need to stay healthy to be your best self at work and at home, so it’s time to commit to your health with these excuse-beaters!

I don’t have enough time

The main reason we don’t commit to working out is lack of time. So the first thing to do is work out how much time you actually have. Break your week down into hour slots and block out time for sleep, work, relaxation, family, and hobbies—then see how much time you have left over. It’s probably more than you expected!

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