Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria

If you ask anyone to describe British fashions of the 19th century and they’re likely to mention styles that were very modest, impressive and elegant; the focus was on looking put together and refined, rather than standing out from the crowd with garish colours and outlandish styles.

During the Victorian Era, England went through a period of economic growth and success. With more people having money to spend on clothing there was time and energy to spend on deciding what did and didn’t look good. As well as this financial development, it was during this period that the sewing machine was invented and this meant women’s dresses could be made quicker and at a lower cost. Rather than having one or two expensive dresses, women could grow their wardrobes.

Queen Victoria is one of the most iconic British monarchs and she’s still known throughout the world today, despite having been alive many years ago. Queen Victoria’s reign lasted from June 1837 to January 1901, and during this time she had a large influence on women’s fashion. Of course, this was to be expected as she reigned for a long period of time and a lot of the 19th century, but what’s unusual is that her fashion choices and standards are still seen today.

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