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Michael Kors Spring 2018 Ready to Wear - Jinnie Femme

Michael Kors Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Michael Kors Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

It is very well-known that Michael Kors designs for women and for every their occasion. He is considerate and focused, paying attention on what they are wearing and where they are wearing it. So, he has designed many clothes for office, for dinner, for a night at the theater, and now came the time for vacation. The vacation – the most expected time of the year that instantly associates all of us on beach, waves and summer vibes. For this line, he decided to go with the beachy laid-back looks combined with urban details. The inspiration was the summer in the city where girls where wearing flip-flops, cut-offs and where less was more. One important question that he answered with this collection was how to beat the heat, but still look fabulous?

He decided to work in breezy pastels which appear to be the colors of New York season, than slowly progressed to navy, gray and black. To maintain the breezy spirit, he introduced palm-tree shadow prints. These prints were all over the dresses, sarongs and overscale blazers. This collection was everything you need for a vacation, and it did not include the office at all. He thought of every personality and he designed so that everyone can find something for themselves. There were lots of things you just immediately want to pack for your next trip: pink and white long sweatshirt, blue and white wide pants with white comfy shirt, layered dress in the same colors, shorts, knee length dresses.

All of these had the palm print on it, and it continued on the trechcoats, Bermudas, even hats. The choices included a white linen sundress, silk trench dress, tuxedo jackets and many more. All of the looks could be easily turned from day to night wear. For the colder night there are cozy cashmeres and big shirts that can be paired with almost everything from his collection. The footwear was limited to flip-flops and rubber croc. When it comes to the bags, he turned the mini-bag into a maxi-bag. Next season be prepared for leather totes and messenger bags, but supersized ones, because, when on vacation, you cannot be relaxed if you have to cram. And don’t forget your flip-flops!