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Creatures of the Wind Spring 2018 Ready to Wear - Jinnie Femme

Creatures of the Wind Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Creatures of the Wind Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

For their latest spring collection, Shane Gabrier and Chris Peters decided to go with the look and light of an old Dutch master paintings. They wanted to recall the turbulent skies of Antwerp, a place where Gabrier used to live and that led them to thinking about psychedelia. Their intention was to show the relation between it and repurposed vintage leather trench coats, and at the end, doing it for the contemporary price point. The moment they chose was the late ‘60s and the Dutch painting together gave the whole collection a restrained tone. They explained that they do not necessary come from a luxury space and they want to know the people around them how they dress. The fabrics they used were Italian and they were still produced in the Garment Center.

The centerpieces of the collection were the vintage coats and letter trenches which were stripped, bleached, painted and refitted. With all those variations they made they accented the seventies femme fatale vibe, the color blocking and the combinations of brown and red. One coat, black and brown, was embroidered with crystal daises and paired with black and white knee-high boots. All they did was literally done by them, with their own hands in the studio. As new coats were not made and vintage ones were used, the repricing on the runway was barely visible. The clothes in general were simplified with less embellishments and layering, but the personalized touch that the brand is known for was untouched.

The vintage t-shirts and sweats had new graphics printed over the old ones. Overall, this was their big commercial success. The collection continued with nice touches present in the red jacquards, paisley print of silk dresses, painted florals, Swarovski crystal dust and little leather belts with jewelry flowers by Sonia Boyajian. The spring reference was also in the fluid ivory crepe shift, combined with silver floral lace and a belt with green ceramic flower niche. The dresses had psychedelic landscapes and were paired with leather vintage trousers in black and white. As accessories, there were bags done in collaboration with Cuyana and sunglasses done with State Optical. The collection was characterized as full of details and the pure work of the designers themselves were visible more than ever.