Emporio Armani Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Emporio Armani Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

The usually gloomy London was brightened up with sunshine that the Italian designer brought with him. The bags, the fabrics, the silhouettes and the colors overall were all like they came out of a candy jar and were delivered straight and specially for UK. It was a sight for a sore eyes and a perfect announcement of the next spring season. Despite the cold weather, Giorgio Armani after his show in London, was all smiles. This was his first show after more than a decade and we can surely tell that the colder weather and the climate did not suit this sun-kissed designer. The reason for his coming to London was the opening of a new store in Bond Street, so he decided to combine his stay.

To clear the weather and to bring some sunshine on the runway, he introduced bags in the form of diaphanous and iridescent fabrics. The silhouettes were fluid and all of them looked liked candies – candies sugared in almond shades of mint, pink and baby blue. There were red crabs, cartoonishly printed on sheer dresses and white tops. The star and flower motifs were present and multiplied on jackets and skirts. All of this combined showed a mixture of sporty and sweet. The brand showed pretty float blouses and skirts with drawstring details and there was a shower of shiny pink sequins that took off the hard edges of the hoodie. The sporty touch was visible in the white leather car coat with a red lining and red racing stripes on white trousers.

To complement the warmer climate, there were plenty of pink and baby blue suits with tracksuit bottoms, perfect for hot afternoons. The dresses were like they came out from the fairytales. They were made from purple flecked fabrics, sequins and the sleeves were like butterfly wings – full with air. The ruffles were present this season on the waists in pastels mainly and in the underskirts of a minidresses in lilac, white and mint. The highlights of the show were the chinos, with their precise cut and variations, worn with flats or heels. Many thought that this was a smart move to do as it appeared to be a guide on how to wear them. It is safe to say the Armani came to bring a warm weather to London and he sure did so.


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