Zimmermann Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Zimmermann Spring 2018 Ready to Wear

Not everyone makes their collections about themselves. But this was not the case with Nicky Zimmermann. For the spring 2018 collection, she decided to go full personal and back to her roots. After the end of the show, she briefly explained why and how she got the idea and the inspiration. Well, she found her inspiration in her parents, more specifically the photographs of their honeymoon in Queensland’s Gold Coast, back in her Australia. The energy of that time was perfect for the color palette and gave a frame of that time vibe of the whole collection. Before starting to design, she revisited that particular place that had lots of memories for her. Her idea was to capture and transfer  the beauty, the romanticism and the light of the Gold Coast on the clothes.

Looking at the photographs of the ‘60s and ‘70s that were taken on the beachside suburb guided her into the hippie direction, the flower-power chick and boho babes from that time were the perfect choice for the new line, added with a Zimmermann’s Sexy flair. So, the collection turned up to be light, sunny, remembering the white sands and blue waters, all the freshness that that time had to give. It resulted in purple, aqua, citrus and pink combos, all of them with vibrant floral prints at the back, in long dresses and puff sleeves.

The clean part of her lineup was the white linen expresses in a button-down shirt and trousers, and lace dress with graphics on it. The graphics were a mixture of a French knot and appliqués, done manually and it looked bolder, but equally pretty. The dresses that came down the runway were with ultraviolet floral prints, and there were shorts also. They came in variations of flared hems, ruffles and slits at the thigh. Everything that was white brought the much needed dose of freshness. The knitwear was striped and simple. The florals were present on almost every piece, accompanied with lacing or embellishments.

The footwear was mainly oriented towards the white sneakers, very famous hippie’s choice from back at the time, when every combination was accompanied by them. Beside them, there were ankle flats in bright colors or from the same fabric as the clothing combination. The spring that Zimmermann brought to us was breezy, fun and sunny, nothing less that was already expected from her.