Paco Rabanne Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

Paco Rabanne Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

When it comes to the coziness, it is something that has never worked for PacoRabanne. The brand was founded back in 1966 on the opposing ground and the first collection named “Twelve Unwearable dresses”. Since then, a lot has changed. Now, 2017 is setting a different direction that is leading the brand forward. Its current creative director Julien Dossena joined the house in 2013 and now sees that women do not really want to experiment when it comes to the wearability. Having that in mind, he focused on having clean shop and clothes. He started with satin palette and the effect of “coziness” was the key part of the collection.

These key parts lead him to the result of body-conscious pieces of soft comfort. What was promised, that was delivered. The clean did not mean clinical, so he carefully worked within house’s codes, paying attention to the “futuristic” note. The things came out as warm pieces and the show started with knits. There was a bottle green apron with clingy skirt and then came oatmeal colored shirt with same skirt. The knits then moved to metallics. The key pieces here were skirts and tops in silver and gold mesh, glowing and shining against the light on the runway. Being created asymmetrically, they gave the body sensual and feminine movement. For a sporty look, the designer paired the silver tank with shiny pants. The footwear was based mainly on mannish flats, with thick soles in orange and white.

Not all was silver and gray. Dossena decided to put some ice blue tones on the slipdresses that were made from tailoring fabric and cut into squares, connected with hardware. Those were the only embellishments in the entire collection. Keeping it to the theme of light and easy, he decided to go as little on the buttons and other stuff as possible. His fall line is wonderful mixture of classical but edgy pieces, certainly not boring and perfect for a warm fall. The sporty and metallic pieces are showing that he is still following the trends of the younger generations, but at the same time, incorporating them into apparel that will be suitable for all of his customers. And of course, cozy and comfortable to wear.


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