Albino Teodoro Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

Albino Teodoro Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

Being absent from the fashion scene for almost three years, the designer Albino D’Amato made his come back on the Milan Fashion Week. The long break was taken as he has decided to pursue other project, but now he is back with fresh energy and structured team. He designed the Albino Teodoro collection that was inspired by the three things that he loves very much: classical Japanese shapes, couture silhouettes and tailoring. D’Amato is Roman but he began his career in Paris. While being there, he has worked with fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, Ungaro and many more.  Having enormous background in tailoring, he decided to infuse feminine flair into his designs.

The explanation was that those were requests from his clients and he decided to listen to them. His idea was to implement those ideas with an addition of imperfection and off-kilter proportions. The result of his vision was a collection of sophisticated shapes and pops of soft color. The tailoring was precise and perfect, of course. The textures and fabrics were paired awkwardly, as well as the color combinations. The highlights of the collection were a cream coat with baby blue buttons and white dress with trapeze back, also with hint of baby blue. The choice fell on the blue because, as D’Amato explained, it reminded him of his school uniform from his childhood days.

There was dark suit with wide-leg trousers and jacket and black dress with puff sleeves. The dresses came into black and white with ruffles across the back. The big sleeves were also present at designer’s line, too. They have made huge comeback this year and it seems that everyone is incorporating them into their collections. They came on the coats, especially on one rounded cape coat. There was not a lack of furs either. They came into cream and coffee, ideal for cold days. The collection focuses totally on the outerwear with a cute reference – a picture of two little kids, holding hands and wearing oversized jackets from their parents. The tenderness was unavoidable for D’Amato and that was an additional inspiration. The final result can be described as sophisticated and grown-up collection.


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