Pear-shaped? 10 Wardrobe Staples to Flatter Your Curves

Pear-shaped- 10 Wardrobe Staples to Flatter Your Curves

For many businesswomen, choosing an outfit to wear to work is the bane of most mornings! You might try on ten outfits and abandon them all, feeling uncomfortable and looking less great than you should. Often, this is because we’re wearing clothes that don’t suit our body shape!

The pear body shape

If you have a pear body shape…

On top: You have narrow shoulders, a defined waist, and a small bust.

Below the waist: You have curvy hips, a big bum, and wide thighs.

If you’re pear-shaped and struggling to find clothes that emphasise your best features, don’t worry— we’ll tell you the best way to flatter your pear shape and ten wardrobe staples…

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