Akris Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

Akris Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

The latest Akris collection that Albert Kriemler designed was named “A woman in a coat with bag”. The title came from the two essential items that define every woman’s fall wardrobe: a bag and a coat. The fashion world today mixes and matches the most outrageous pieces together so the idea is to put your coat over jeans, gym clothes or dress and you will have an outfit. And do not forget to accessorize it with a bag. Coats and bags are classified as investment pieces because they are the essentials of the wardrobe. The title of the collection went beyond it because it was not consisted of only coats and bags, but more than it. One idea that got Kriemler working was the Rodney Graham’s self-portrait named “Coat Puller”, that pictured him trying to get into his coat from the installation “Der Mantelanzieher”.

That was an inspiration for the wide range of coats that walked on the runway, and bags too. However, the coats were those that stole the show. It ended with eight coats with “Coat Puller” print on the linings and the print “Der Mantelanzieher” at the back. Besides the coats, there were also jackets, suitable for every occasion. They have all been done into the famous and impeccable Akris fabrics. The sense of glamour, sport, practicality, femininity and tailoring was well incorporated into a wider concept. Interesting piece was a black and white checked wool coat, paired with matching reversible dress and bag that gave ladylike look. The coats were moving from one in cashmere ivory over wool sheath and black bag, to gray cashmere tweed, with slits and leather lapels.

The variety of coats presented in this collection was so various that everyone could find a piece for themselves. The other interesting pieces were ribbed cashmere knit coats, leather coats and raincoats. Kriemler decided to work in purple, green, navy and black. The bags were big, both boat-shaped and cross-body messenger types. When it comes to the footwear, there was a weird contrast to the clothes. The coats were matched with stiletto sandals and bare legs., something not very appropriate to the rainy fall days. Despite that, the fall line was perfect presentation of what every woman should have as fall essentials. It will satisfy everyone’s taste.


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