Brock Collection Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

Brock Collection Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

“Making women feel good” was the one and only intention that the husband and wife design duo had in mind when they were creating the new Fall collection. Laura Vassar and Kris Brock, who have previously won the top prize at CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund awards back in November, decided to go with the simple theme of creating a good feeling to their women. It looks like that all the political and cultural changes happening in world now have inspired these designers to turn to creating pieces and clothing that sends the message that everyone should embrace women and love.

In that context, creating the designs for these women are clothes that she can live in and wear them every day and also feel very good in them. The direction that Brock and Vassar were leaning to was the Victorian style but with modern approach. That resulted in puff-sleeved blouses and hand-pleated bustiers, modeled as everyday wear for the everyday woman and the looks were lined as portraits in fairy-tales. One of the pieces that best describes this vision they had in mind was the purple tweed midi skirt with high corseted waist, paired with sweater with bell sleeves. Then came the silk georgette floral midi dress. These outfits presented a relaxed confidence and they were paired with tomboy brogues.

Their popular jeans were also present at the runway, in few appearances. There was a lot of fur, however. The highlight of the show were the emotional pieces as Brock referred to them in the form of off-shoulder mink overcoat. For those who want to look a little bit more daring, there was an Eye-catching red gingham bustier combined with a ruffled pencil skirt. The textures they used were warm and fuzzy, in mink scarves and wool cardigans. Sticking to the theme of injecting a little bit of live in the everyday, red was repeatedly used as being the color of love. The show ended on a romantic note with ball gowns with puff shoulders, something that was a novelty for this label, and still bearing in mind the red – but this time- the red carpet.


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