Rodebjer Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

Rodebjer Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

Fall season and the colder weather does not necessarily mean boring clothes and colors. At that was the case with Rodebjer’s fall collection. Carin Rodebjer decided to include positive and bright colors for the fall line, and that she described as fighting the fall darkness. She did not do well at the New York Fashion Week. However, Stockholm was a total hit. As a designer, Rodebjer designs and creates with confidence and dedication which is a result of her clear vision and experience. With that she is setting the bar higher and higher for all the participants of the Fashion Week. Spending some time abroad has given her fresh new look on her home country.

She explains that Stockholm has changed in a good way and that she likes it a lot. Her collection was presented on the runway from both street-cast and professional models. This choice came as a result of the city change, the diversity of people and the interesting direction it is moving to. Looking through her show notes, the vision she had for this season was “ferocious female power” and that was transferred to the runway accordingly. The collection features wide range of looks, something that represents Rodebjer’s knowing that strength is found in varied arenas. The pieces vary from tailored suits to ruffles bias-cut skirts.

As an homage to Yves Saint Laurent, orchid print dress was presented. There were oversized coats, cashmere sweaters paired with a slip dress underneath it, wrap skirt with patches, wide–leg cropped pants. The entire collection had Rodebjer’s signature look and gave the much needed positivity and difference to the whole Fashion Week and the world globally. After the show, the designer commented on how the world is changing and going into some weird direction. Her creativity led her to creating collection that will take us all to some happy and positive place. She has been and remains to be a vocal champion of women, not only by this collection, but from all the previous ones. Her visions remain clear, so there is much more to be seen in future from this brand. Her motto lies in moving further than being homogeneous and having narrow-minded thoughts.


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