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Creatures of Comfort Fall 2017 Ready to Wear - Jinnie Femme

Creatures of Comfort Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

Creatures of Comfort Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

Camping as a term is not what it used to be before. That is why the newest Creature of Comfort’s Fall collection is inspired by the outdoors. The founder and creative director Jade Lai decided to create this type of collection because, as she says, she misses being out more. She has never gone camping and she does not feel ready for it. So, the camping, in her collection, is transformed into glamping – luxurious and resort-outdoor oriented. Since moving back to New York from California, she said that when spending time outdoors, she needs her daily luxuries and her collection is directed towards the type of women who are similar and like her.

The explanation behind her collection is luxurious take on the surviving in the wilderness. Her presentation began with lurex knit and lurex boucle dress, tops and cardigans. Then continued with hoodies worn over sweaters, wrapped scarves and camp socks, that were lurex too. The socks were those that transferred the accent of the collection to the shoes. Maybe not suitable for woods, the velvet slides and satin and vinyl slingbacks in marigold and khaki were total hit and are expected to be seen in the streets around the world. Other highlight of the show was pink ensemble with macramé vest and a series of dresses in looks of micro gingham. It all gave the impression of attire ready to be worn for some chic picnic. There were also limited-edition slogan T-shirts with the statement “We are all human beings”.

The other pieces of the collection were shimmering jacquard jumpsuits, cashmere wrap jackets and chocolate shearing coat. The idea was interesting and innovative, moving away from the ordinary clothing and focusing on a specific topic – in this case, camping. And not just any regular camping. The models presenting the clothes were moving among the palm trees, which was a nice reference to the woods and forest. The color palette varied from forest greens, woodsy browns and deep blues – calm colors appropriate for the theme. As the show ended, the message and the intention was clear. Lai designed this collection so that everyone can escape to the outdoors, and at the same time, she confronts our sociopolitical reality.