Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

There was quite a diversity at Dolce and Gabbana Fall Runway. Women of all sizes, ages and ethnicities walked the runway and it was very colorful and crowded. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana prepared something huge: over 140 people of different shapes, ages and ethnicities walked down their runway, in their clothes and accessories. The runway was filled of mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers, babies. It all represented the idea of a tribe of international millennials, members of European royal families, dynasties, generations of music and acting families etc. This inspiration came from the character of people. Since their first show, back in the 1980, their messages remained same and clear – to accept yourself just the way you are.

The show was very rich in people, design pieces, accessories, makeup. It was very well planned, constructed and produced, that not every designer can pull this kind of show off. As being clever businessmen, this show was a huge success because it showed the natural human relationships, which has started with their trips around Italy and displaying the Italian sociability in terms of food, fun, dancing and fashion, of course. One of Dolce’s best skills is cutting and altering clothes, so they fit each person according to their own and make them feel fantastic. The factor like memories and relationships make the best designs and that is why their customers love it. it presents a relaxed couture, with so many themes, values and grounds, that every piece tells a story.

Gabbana’s instinct for social media, on the other hand, appeals to the youth, their trends and evolution. That is why millennials have been walking their runways for quite some time. The repertoire of clothes was classified as clothes that can make everyone feel at home, but still accenting the Italian sociability and style. The pieces varied from several off-shoulder dresses, long-sleeved tulle dress, chiffon gowns with cat and dog prints. The collection continued into more colorful patchwork lace dress, floral miniskirt with embroidered lace shirt and ruffle-sleeve poplin blouse with skirt with belts. This was Dolce’s and Gabbana’s very big achievement – creating and presenting something deeper and more enduring, beyond the frames of the regular seasonal expectations.


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