Johan Lindeberg Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

Johan Lindeberg Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

The Stockholm Fashion Week was different from the other ones because Johan Lindeberg made a comeback. The fall collection was not only a comeback to the brand he founded, but also a celebration of a 20 years’ anniversary from the first Autumn/Winter collection that he launched back in 1997. Before the show started and models appeared on the runway, Lindeberg took a chair and got wired for a sound. He set down and turned to his audience with a speech about the label that he founded 20 years ago. Returning back after almost a decade, he explained that he sees his brand as a “borderless community” and “brand with a voice”.

Being politically involved and interested not only in fashion but beyond, he felt and decided that it was the time to begin the presentation. The focus on the collection was the outwear. It was sharply tailored with lots of wool coats, pilot leather jackets and soft shearlings. There were also sporty jackets in pop colors. The tailoring in pinstripe was relaxed, and it was the show opener – suit with a throwback logo belt. This piece showed business style and that tailoring remained as a central focus of the brand. The pieces emphasized a waisted silhouette with wide legged trousers and double breasted blazers. The tuxedo was paired with a side-striped fitted pants. All the knits were with the famous JL logo, pulled out of the archives.

The pattern was well-known; hoodie and tights in silver lurex, then 3-piece cashmere travel set and wide pants, hoodie cardigan and sweater and the hugging strap dress for slim silhouette. The novelty he introduced was the corduroy, particularly in the look of maxi skirt and marvelous red pantsuit. His decision to use it came from the women’s lib in the ‘70s, as a favored material in that time. The collection was not very colorful, mainly focusing on the black, dark navy, grey and white, with hints of red and yellow. It was classified as everyday luxury, not complicated wardrobe that makes every woman dress effortlessly. It emphasizes the focus on her life, following her own convictions – something that is indeed Lindeberg’s signature.


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