The 5 scary things that happen to your body when you don’t get enough sleep

The 5 scary things that happen to your body when you don’t get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is pretty important!

Do you know how much not getting enough sleep can really do some crazy things to your body?

Counting sheep, waiting for the sandman, getting forty winks- sleep is something we all love, and something we all need. Thanks to the internet the world is truly 24/7, so this means people are staying up later, or just not getting as much sleep as they did ten years ago. You’ll know how it feels after a bad night’s sleep, you’re a bit tired and may reach for a big cup of coffee to get you through the morning. What you might not know is how much not getting enough sleep can really do some crazy things to your body.

You’ll gain extra weight

That’s right, not getting enough sleep doesn’t just make you feel a bit sluggish, it can actually make you gain extra weight. This is due to an increased aptitude, you may want to eat more as your body needs to regain energy from somewhere, and food is the next best short term fix. When you’re tired it’s easier to reach for the easy, not so healthy comfort food options. A good night’s sleep won’t just fix this over night, you’ll need to get regular sleep back into your routine in order to budge the extra weight. Even if you’re tired and all you want is mac and cheese, try to go for a lighter, nutritionally balanced meal instead.

You start to look older

When you’re stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. This is a stress hormone which can actually have a pretty devastating effect on your skin if given a chance. Cortisol released over a lon period of time, such as when you’ve not been getting enough sleep for a few days or weeks, can break down the collagen in your skin. Collagen is the protein in your skin which keeps it looking smooth and elastic. Deep sleep is needed to help repair any issues with your skin, so not getting enough shut eye can start to impact how you look.

Your immune system isn’t working as it should

Ever noticed when you’re stressed out that you get sick? This is down to the body suppressing the immune system when it’s not getting enough rest. Sleep is the time when the body does repair and maintenance, this is why many top athletes try to get in as much shut eye as possible after training hard. It helps to repair muscles and aid recovery- so it’s no wonder that you can feel run down and sickly after not getting enough sleep.

You start to forget things…

Who said that funny joke? What day of the week is it? Did I brush my teeth this morning?

A lack of sleep can quickly impact on your memory and make you feel like you’re walking in a fog. A lack of sleep will quickly impair your cognitive ability to recall memories. So not getting enough sleep will affect your memory and impair your natural creative abilities, making it harder to do everyday tasks.

You feel more stressed!

On top of all of the above, not getting enough sleep will actually make you feel more stressed during your day!

So, getting enough sleep is pretty important, so it’s worth having good bedtime habits or good ‘sleep hygiene’. This includes reducing screen time before bed, not drinking caffeine before you go to sleep and setting your alarm for the next morning.