Ganni Spring/Summer 2018

Ganni Spring - Summer 2018

Ganni as a brand is the setter for the Scandinavian style. This season was no exception. This Danish brand is doing something brilliant and feminine, including the famous ruffles and floral prints, but not so predictable as the label itself is. The spring/summer 2018 line offers unique layering with the odd tailoring, all that combined in a sweet and at the same time strange collection. Ganni’s success is well known – they put the 90’s JNCO pants side by side with flowery frock, introduced some 1950’s vintage vibes, bra tops and the orange color as a main color. And it worked all perfectly well along all the pieces. Ganni’s creative director, Ditte Reffstrup, explained that she was inspired to make and create this collection for the global citizen.

The clothes were created for those type of women who like travelling to new places and have that wild and free spirit. There is some influence of the 90s’ sportswear and popular Benetton ads from that time that encouraged diversity and difference. She worked with creatives from all around the world, from Stockholm to New York. Her clothes in general are true selling point for Ganni. There is a bit for everyone there. The dresses itself have sweet floral print, with ruffles. There are also lots of covetable frocks in pale yellow, embellishments and balloon sleeves. As accessories, there were futuristic sunglasses that were pretty interesting. The top of the collection was the denim, created by Reffstrup in collaboration with Bengt Thornefors and Christoffer Svensson.

It is expected that those huge and famous pants will be everywhere on the Copenhagen streets in spring. This collection celebrates the collaboration and the international exchange. Those who travel and see what is on the streets in different countries and cities, get inspired to wear those things and expect to see them in the stores in their countries. Reffstrup creates from the same inspiration. She wants the clothes and the fashion to overcome the cultural differences. Because of the brands popularity, the bright orange jacket, a piece from the newest collection, will probably be the most desired apparel next season. This collection is just another step forward in Ganni’s rapid growth and evolution.