Proenza Schouler Spring/Summer 2018 Ready to Wear

Proenza Schouler Spring - Summer 2018 Ready to Wear

As one fashion week in one part of the world ends, the designers with their teams immediately transfer to the next one. This was the case with Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, the two Proenza Schouler designers. The whole idea of transferring the collections and runways altogether to a different fashion week is seen as better promotion, increasing sales and international visibility. This proved to be well-worth move because the designers and their clothes are highly valued, not just in US but outside too. And where better if not in Paris. This year, the inspiration behind the new line was “An American in Paris”.

You see the resemblance right? The spring collection 2018 was presented in the glorious Parisian courtyards. The designers explained that their creativity for this line lies in the commitment to beauty, optimism and celebration of French craft. All this combined resulted in beautiful and interesting collection, with infused intense artistic work. The line starts with pieces with ruffles, continuing into asymmetrical corsets and narrow skirts. There were some boudoir elements who looked like leather harness over stretch knit and brassieres, just subtly peeking from the neckline of the party dresses. Between the halter tops and hip-slung skirts were some strapping details, that created the sexy feeling. It all gave the impression that it is a cocktail hour and all the models and clothes they wore, were most suitable for that occasion.

The most attractive was that all the looks were paired with strong-shouldered jackets, floral coats and lace trousers. The two designers worked also into their signature themes – their well-known light touch, asymmetry, corsetry, layering. These elements combined delivered a relaxed but dressed-up attitude which was mostly visibly in the leather corset bras and especially the white glamour jacket over a black skirt. The chic part of the collection was presented via lace dresses with loose ruffle on the front and evening looks also with dense ruffles. And for those who are not fans of ruffles and fluff, the collection offers stretch lace and tulle tube dresses. As many fashionistas told, this is the collection that most perfectly blends the French couture and the American cool.