By Malene Birger Spring/Summer 2018

By Malene Birger Spring - Summer 2018

Being one of the most popular brand in Copenhagen, the creative director Christine Exteen left nothing to a surprise for the Spring Summer collection 2018. The business, as a brand, was launched in 2003, and until today, it has variety of buyers – from the best online retails to the famous Insta stars that fill the first rows on the fashion shows and weeks. This spring/summer line was created to reflect the well-known and proven sellable formula – fancy and profitable trends. On the question how she sees her collection, Exteen explained that this collection is her love letter to Sao Paulo. That is the city that is big and full of concrete and that you can’t fall in love in it on first sight.

But when you discover it better, all the artists’ neighborhoods, streets, painted sidewalks, then you start to feel the city, slowly getting it under your skin. It is an inspiring city, and the collection she created wanted to have a connection to this city. It should explore the tropical escapes and beaches, and at the same time remain in a fine contrast to the city. Every woman has more than one side of herself and her life, so this collection is just like that. The show opener was black wide-collar trenchcoat, with red and blue rope belt. It continued with tailored knit dress, blue shirtdress with asymmetrical buttons on the sleeve.

There were range of trousers and shorts, emerald-colored bodysuits, wrap skirts and a green dress, oddly draped. The collection in overall is composed of beige tones, wet-look hair and strong ethnic influences. The bags were eye-catching because of the mix of modern and tribal. When it comes to the rules and playing by the book, then Exteen is following them strictly. When making a wearable clothing, she stays in the frames of the well-known, but she tends to enter something new and unusual from time to time. That change, that she introduces in her collection is worth a lot. The big names and the customers appreciated it and that is why she is in so high position today in the fashion world.