Le Klit Fall Ready to Wear 2017

Samantha McCoach’s new collection presents her views on responsibility – the responsibility that we, all the people, can take for our own actions in order to remake the world. This inspiration came out from the political situation regarding the new USA president Donald Trump. This whole idea revolved around the theory that one singular actor can drive the course of world events. This also reflects on the individuals who adjust their beliefs around this new situation and the world changes. This collection was created to salvage all of that. Along this main inspirational line, McCoach decided to involve the niche of family, tradition and loyalty.

On a first look, it might seem that the collection of sweaters, A-line dresses inspired by the 60’, denim looks and kilts would be too much for a so small collection. But if you know and are familiar with McCoach’s approach, you will momentarily see that it is totally ok. However, the denim is something new for her line. It was produced in a collaboration with Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, London brand, that grows its own indigo. There were other collaborations too. The cotton and wool dresses were done with Mackintrosh, with dead stock materials from the archives and employees from the Mackintrosh Scotland factory. Several of the Le Kilt knits were from the current collaboration with Sanquar Pattern designs in gray, orange and black, and in the traditional two-color technique.

When you look at all her designs you can see a designer that makes a lot of work by herself. The pieces of her collection are a result of her creative integrity. She explained that the collection was a mosaic of materials she found and Mackintrosh factory and Blackhorse atelier. They were raw materials, that turned out into perfect designs. There was an addition to the collection alike latex gloves and belts for more punk look. The kilts were standing out in the calf-length and a mix of Black Watch, Wallace Red and Mod Scott paneling. The general idea and feeling was to overcome the modern uniform, but not in some revolutionary way. She ended stating that this collection is complementing the timeless pieces that are already been offered to the customers.