By Malene Birger Copenhagen Fall/Winter 2017

For those who need a reminder who “By Malene Birger” brand is, here is a short recap: this is a contemporary premium brand, very well known for creating powerful clothes for women, and all of them are feminine inspired. The brand is based in Copenhagen, and well established and loved around the world because of its signatures like dawn-to-dusk dresses, on-point tailoring and eveningwear. Every piece ever made displays the ease of the cut, the quality of the embellishment and describes the sense of Danish values and way of life. And all this is combined with a touch of playfulness and decadence.

The fall collection features contemporary influence on the traditional, feminine suiting, pencil skirts, embellishments and velvet for the evenings. Everything she designs is measured and directed towards her band of followers, which, none the less, are the young ladies who work hard play hard and keep up with the current trends. This is explained the best with one specific look: velvet track pants paired with bejewelled sleeveless top, mid-length puffers and textured overcoats. As an accessory, some had scarves tied like belts around the shoulder, for more accent. This fall/winter line also has a palette of practical day bags. There are lots of choices to choose from: from oversize black pleather messenger bag to red snakeskin top handle.

These are the bags that sell well and that are the most wearable. As the designer said herself, this collection was her tribute to Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie “Scarface”. The clothes then and now are fearless and sexy. You want to feel in these clothes like Michelle felt in one particular scene: everyone is looking at you and you are the most beautiful woman in the room. This is the type of woman presented through this line – strong, self-determined and the one that dresses to impress. It is all a mix of fresh new things of sportswear, but crafted in a luxurious way, with beautiful fur and silk and are shimmery too. The collection is complex, like every woman. Scandinavian women are powerful women, with free spirit and confidence. They have freedom in expressing their mood and dress as how they feel in a particular moment. This is type of women she designs for.