Brunello Cucinelli Fall Ready to Wear 2017

The creative and positive-thinking designer Brunello Cucinelli has built a sustainable business that is based on ethical principles. He established himself, expanded his brand with good revenues, works with organic products and has good employer-employee relationship. His workers are involved and responsible and his focus has always been on the inclusivity, social responsibility and integration. He is very modest in presenting himself as he describes that there is nothing to be surprised about, just before his Fall presentation. He and his design team worked on this Fall collection around the concept of exploration. The goal was to picture a positive outlook and open mind in terms of diversity. Cucinelli explained that in this world we live now it is important to include the combinations of different ages, races and cultures.

The pieces reflect masculine references, but brightened and graced with feminine and sensual touch. His fall collection is in one word pretty. It is designed for the modern and urban traveller. It gives him versatile wardrobe, each one similar but also different because of the inspiration put into it. The signature luxurious signature was maintained, with an addition of a contemporary twist. There were also military elements, softened by lace, embroidery and feathers. The knitwear was in alpaca, cashmere and mohair. To accent the inclusivity factor, the shapes and volumes were a bit oversized but with comfortable proportions, suggesting that different body types can wear these designs and still maintain stylish and cool note.

There was a sporty part with an inspiration from the urban touch. This was depicted in the textured biker jacket with antique gold metallic shine. The masculine and feminine combinations were present during the entire line and defined nice and interesting outfits. There was not a lack of the famous and popular boyfriend’s jeans, combined with a stripped cotton shirt and velvet blazer that gave completely new meaning to the “Casual Friday” look. The pieces and the looks appeared effortless and substantial, for real women who face everyday challenges but do that looking good. Cucinelli managed to bring his women’s line to the next level presenting this fall collection with the new modern and urban vibe.