Louis Vuitton Fall Ready to Wear 2017

Louis Vuitton

The Louvre, one of the most famous museums in the world, despite its regular popularity, was also a center of a fashion show. And none the less, the Louis Vuitton Fall show. The runway was staged in the Cour Marly in the Richelieu wing, where all the models were preparing to show the newest achievement that creative director Nicolas Ghesquière has made for the world. Louis Vuitton, as a brand, dreams of a borderless world and it does count when it comes to fashion. Many shows have been held in the museum in the past years, but no one has ever been held in its central sculpture atrium. What was spectacular and also unusual was that the Ghesquière’s collection was on the 17-th and 18-th sculptures through the museum.

Vuitton was invited to the Louvre to do the show there, because it was perfect place for the company to show its connection with the French culture. Referring to the world borders and frontiers, Ghesquière explained that fashion always breaks those borders. It goes far beyond them. Paris is a multicultural area for many designers, foreign and domestic, and the Louvre appeared to be the perfect place to welcome all of them, despite their culture and nationality which sends a very strong message. The inspiration for the newest line, Ghesquière found in the blurred boundaries of culture, gender and day and night. He explained that his aim was the nomadic, with a special referral to the point where the city blends with the different landscapes.

The newest pieces of the fall collection present that boundarylessness, with reflexion to the seasonal wardrobe options for city living, adding luxurious aspects of this well-known house. The denim is this collection was not in its classical mode. It was a wool, treated with many techniques that, at the end, looked like faded blue jeans. The leather remained to be a central part of the story, again. It came into super polished variations of the black coat. The fur, unlike other times, got the deserved attention. It was paired with short-sleeved jackets, perfectly combined over an evening dress. The dresses came into knee-length with pleats, lace, sheer panels, contrasting fabrics and patterns. The whole collection was accessorized with low-heeled boots, sharing the message of forging new frontiers and confronting the harsh reality of the modern life.