T by Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2017

T by Alexander Wang Look

Alexander Wang is the king of the cool. He is renowned for his approach to the chic and cozy clothing, and the newest collection is not an exception to this popular signature style. The theme around this collection was the question if a sweat suit can be worn to work? And his answer and desire is yes. Wang’s designs in general are described as partial to extreme casual wear, as it is well known from the many collaborations he did have with Adidas. Despite his penchant for metal embellishments and details for the ‘going out’ look, he still remains in his primary vision to make his designs and clothing as cool as possible. His vision is the sleek and effortless casual wear, and that is transferred onto the ultra wide-leg pants and cinched waists.

The “T Pre-fall by Alexander Wang” is the most appropriate and direct description to his creative belief, centering to the issue of making the sweatpants chic. The new fall collection introduces three sweat suit looks. These are the main focus of the whole collection. The first suit is in grey color and it is cozy, cinched at the waist with a belt that wraps around. The second suit is in Kelly green color, with cigarette trousers. The third one is the top of them all. It is a tie-front cotton blouse, with cigarette pants, in healthier gray color. They may look like a wool trousers at first, but they are in fact skinny ones, suited for both gym and boardroom.

These whole dressed-down but chic looks are present through all pieces of the collection. There are pajama sets that come into ivory and silk. The tops are cut small and the trousers are balloon like. The classic suits, double-breasted, have metal ring details at the pockets, with high waist on the pleated trousers. There is quite a choice for those who are more oriented towards corporate life and that kind of wardrobe. The line offers daywear in Kelly green color, vertical stripes and shirts with polka dots. The collection ends with the miniature black dress with long sleeves and bra straps – perfect outfit for a night out as a part of the Wang squad.