Aquilano Rimondi Fall Ready to Wear 2017

Aquilano Rimondi Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2017

“Straight out the cold storage since the Eighties” is the proper description of the fall line that Roberto Rimondi and Tommaso Aquilano decided to go with. The women they dressed with their designs were like an ode to the stone cold power dressing. The mood and the style they worked in presented into a rigorous, contemporary, and sophisticated collection. The pieces are for strong woman, taking inspiration from the men’s wardrobe. They decided to experiment with shapes and unusual combinations.

The retro reference to this was present into the broad sharp-shouldered jackets, tailored, that came in long or cropped variations, into black and grey color, in pinstripes or checks. The coats were with a powerful profile, with different fabrications starting from grey angora wool to checks and shimmering sequins. The bottom parts of the designer clothes were asymmetrical skirts, high-waisted pants and shorts. The whole look on the collection was as you were in a different time. It was something like retro-future. The cut was precise, nice, and well done, showing fine classic that can be combined with something softer for a more casual look.

The second part of the show presented not so cold future. It had rounder and warmer edges, in magenta blue and purple color. What might have stepped out of the whole collection, if it was to be worn on its own, was the velvet off-the-shoulder dress. It was in combination with a button-down shirt underneath it. The other dresses in this collection had innovative fabrications, like steel and aluminum embroidery. They came into colored gold and blue and were impressively light for garments that looked so heavy. The black leather dress left the impression of a sleek business wear for a powerful woman. There was not a lack of accessories either. The footwear was paired according to the look, varying from cuissard boots, to stilettos and pumps.

A palette of belts was introduced among the pieces to give the effect on the waist. The two designers mixed the masculine and feminine side and made wonderful collection. A collection for women that do not go unnoticed, that chose glitter and sequins even to a most informal occasion.