Stella McCartney Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2017

Stella McCartney Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2017

For this fall season, Stella McCartney had a theme in mind – and it could have been more suitable. Fall and the countryside – the perfect fashion and the amazing countryside landscape. The idea was that this fashion girl lover lives in a very big house in the country and she loves fashion. Out of that idea came the quilted jackets and headscarves, with a shapely tailoring for the great outdoors. This mood that Stella McCartney had in mind was a total hit.

What has been an elusive for some designers, it obviously was not for her. She managed to send her social message through the clothes without inserting slogans and still maintaining her signature practical chic. The two words that inspire her collection are “faith” and “love”, explaining that her work is based on reflecting and showing the good in people. All that is embedded in her work and the message is clear. Bringing people together in every possible way is her goal, and if the politics should be part of it, so be it.

McCartney has always approached her work creatively, as a problem-solver and looking into everyday women wardrobe. That is why her pieces are often declared as wardrobe solutions for real women. Her fall collection is full of equestrian-inspired tailoring and pointy-bra constructions, with the message that women should express their sexuality as they like. What is also dominant are the coats in loose-fitting and British check.


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