How To Create The Perfect Bronzed Summer Look

Bronzed Summer Look

Nothing says summer like beautiful, smooth, sun-kissed skin! Bronzer is the ideal way to add a little colour to your make up routine during the summer. Whether you’ve been a bronzer worshiper for years, or want to try something new, we’ve put together an easy, how-to guide on creating the perfect bronzed summer look. This look is great for all occasions, from early morning all the way through to night (think festivals!).

Bronzed Summer LookHow To Pick the Right Bronzer for Your Skin Tone

Picking the right colour bronzer for your skin tone will ensure a natural, warm look that flatters you. You need to figure out whether your skintone is has warm or cool undertones. If you have warm undertones most bronzers will be fine, for cool undertones you need to go for peach shades with soft browns.

Start With Your Foundation

Come summer time you may find your usual foundation isn’t quite cutting it for a healthy bronze look. We suggest going a shade or two darker than your normal foundation. This will help make the bronze look warmer and more natural. A great tip is to use your arm or hands to match a new shade as they will be more tan than your face. Get a foundation which has good SPF and even coverage.

Apply your foundation and blend in using a foundation brush, or with our new favourite, a beauty blender. Blend down to your neck so your face won’t be a stark contrast to your neck.

Bronze It Up!

Now is the exciting part, take a large, clean blending brush and sweep it across your bronzer. You don’t want to go too heavy to start, you can apply more as you go. Sweep the brush across your cheek bones, around your hairline, the bottom of your jaw and down your neck. You want to find a balance of colour that blends into your skin. Once you are happy you can move onto the highlighter. A little highlighter can go on your cheekbones above the bronzer and on the tip of your nose and chin to get a dewy, healthy contrast.

You can add a little of your usual blusher over the top of the bronzer to balance your look to create a healthy, natural glow.

Create Summery Eyes

Now your skin is looking flawless and sunkissed, you can finish the look with some simple but effective eye make up. Bronze eyepalletes are full of gorgeous colours that will really set off your summer look. Apply a base colour to the eyes and blend out, stopping at the crease. Blend to the out corners for a sweeping, elegant look. Apply some brozned eyeliner to the waterline and upper lash line for a bold look. Complete with your favourite mascara.

The Finishing Touches

A clear lip gloss is perfect for finishing off this look for the day time. Avoid anything too pink or red as this will contrast too much with the natural look you’ve created. To take this look to night time, we suggest adding a little darker lip colour with bronze or gold undertones.