Resort Trends 2018

Resort Trends 2018

Resort wear refers to clothing that is specialized in its function; it is designed to be year round clothing that is ideal for taking on resort holidays and to warm climates during the winter months. Though it has a specific use, that’s not to say that resort wear is not stylish, sophisticated and on trend. In fact, some of 2018’s resort trends are sure to be popular with those who require resort wear and those who are just venturing into this style of clothing for the first time. So, what resort trends can we expect for 2018?

Nautical Designs

Resort wear is often associated with nautical styles, and for good reason. Year after year we see navy, cream and white used a lot on the resort runways and it isn’t uncommon for anchors, ropes and naval motifs to be used as well. It’s easy to see why nautical styles are popular year after year in resort trend, as more often than not you’ll find resort wear being worn around a marina or on a luxury yacht.

Tribal Styles

Tribal styles can be worn all year round and it isn’t uncommon to see them on summer and winter runways; they’re also set to be a big resort trend for 2018. Tribal styles often include monochrome designs and simple graphics, both of which are sophisticated.

Expressed Femininity

If there’s one thing the fashion world loves its ruffles and frills, both of which will be seen as a resort trend of 2018 thanks to an increased focus on feminine clothing. Light jersey fabrics and draping styles combine modern trends with those that are much more girlie; this works well for relaxed resort wear that still looks sophisticated and carefully put together.

Bleeding Florals

Floral designs are a great trend for resort wear so we’re glad they’re going to be seen a lot in 2018, specifically ‘colour bleed florals’. This refers to a floral pattern with a slightly blurred or bleeding edge, much like you’d find with watercolour painting. It creates a soft and light design, whilst providing a great eye-catching pattern.

“Different fashion occasions require different outfits.”

Resort wear typically includes items such as walking shorts, sandals, caftans and light dresses; with similar, light items for men also. As resort wear has a use and is often used to travel with, it is usually created using lightweight materials that are easy to clean and require very little ironing; this makes them easy to pack and they look good regardless of how far they have travelled.

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