Escada Ready to Wear 2018

Escada Ready to Wear 2018

Escada’s target group has always been the professional woman. In that matter, the designs have always been moderated to the high-flying, corporate ladder-climbing business woman. This time again, the design team did not make any changes when it came to their inspiration – they kept their muses Isabella Rossellini and Sofia Coppola, for the main and sports line respectively.

With the youthful impact that the fashion industry is dealing with in the last years, Escada has not been left over and their pieces from the new collection have it in them, too. Their pantsuits come into the most amazing colors like mint and mandarin and always with impeccable tailoring, too. For those customers who like more casual colors, the choice fell on the cream. Escada’s signature look has always been in the tailoring and keeping everything simple. So that is why their collection kept the best pieces simple: white embroidered shirtdress and striped one.

These are the pieces that you will want to have in your closet. The bright and bold colors make them perfect for day wear, and for the evening the black pieces bring the dose of glamour and elegancy. Escada’s attempt was and is to modernize the classic silhouette and the classing pieces, with just a touch of color. The color combinations like magenta blazer over cobalt blue top and white pants bring different note to the whole collection. This whole collection offers the best for everyone’s taste – colors, classic cuts and design.


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