Styling Working Trousers Suits

working trousers suits

Gowns are not the only option for a fancy and important event anymore. The suits are taking their place. The male suit or tuxedo, perfectly tailored and fitted for a woman’s silhouette is a total trend among the stars and celebrities around the world. It is perfect for every occasion. It shows elegance and aristocracy from one side, and fashion and safe fashion choice from the other side. The first time the woman’s suit became hugely popular was the time Angelina Jolie wore it, posing next to Brad Pitt. From that moment forward, the classical suit got many versions and became a top fashion choice.

The woman’s suit today is made from a range of fabrics – from cobalt silks to muted tweeds. The cut is different too. It can be flowy (in 70’s style), skinny or cropped. They are perfectly tailored and they shine with that dose of elegancy that is both day-and-night appropriate. The celebrities are choosing suits for all different kinds of events: red carpets, galas, daily meeting, or just as a casual daywear.

Moreover, as soon as they step out in a suit, their photo instantly appears on the social media presenting a strong female message that trousers are not only for men. Depending on the occasion, the suit can be paired with high-heeled stilettos, peep-toes, flats, sneakers and the most popular footwear now – the mules. Whichever footwear you decide to wear with your suit, be sure that you will be 100% stylish.